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C-Fern Expressâ„¢

A new rapidly developing C-Fern® strain improves studies of plant life cycles and development.

C-Fern Expressâ„¢ is a select strain of an uncommon fern, Ceratopteris. It was derived by Dr. Les Hickok from two Japanese varieties of C. thalictroides that exhibited very rapid sporophyte development. Its novel features and rapid development time make it superb for teaching, especially plant life cycles and alternation of generations .

C-Fern Medium Formulation Error - READ ME

In some published formulations for C-Fern Basic Medium (modified Parker- Thompson’s), the potassium salt is incorrectly specified as K2HPO4. Please check your written materials and, if necessary, change the formula to read KH2PO4.

C-Fern Web Manual

An updated version -- as of August 2009 -- of the C-Fern Web Manual is now available for FREE DOWNLOAD in PDF format!


A brief overview of a model plant system

C-Fern® is a specially derived cultivar of the tropical homosporous fern, Ceratopteris richardii, commonly referred to as "water fern".


  • excels for  teaching a wide range of biological principles
  • adapts to a wide range of student sophistications and grade levels
  • adjusts to most classroom situations and environmental conditions
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