If water is added to a C-Fern culture, sperm are typically released within a few minutes. Because there are many hermaphroditic gametophytes in the culture, sperm are immediately attracted to them and cluster tightly around the area of mature archegonia. Once attracted to the archegonial region, sperm do not appear to swim away in search of other adventures! Consequently, in a culture with many mature archegonia, the sperm swim freely only for a short period of time. If it is desired to visualize freely swimming sperm for longer periods of time, male gametophytes should be removed from the culture and suspended in a drop of water or Sperm Release Buffer (SRB - see Chemical Attraction - C-Fern Sperm Chemotaxis kit). If there are no hermaphroditic gametophytes are present, sperm may swim for a very long period of time. Under optimum conditions (e.g. low temperature) sperm can swim for as long as two hours in SRB.