The C-Fern Web Journal will consider submissions of ANY original research or projects (in-class, independent,science fair, etc.) at all academic levels (K-16+) that incorporates the use of C-Fern or  Ceratopteris.


 Submissions may be made directly by upload to the C-Fern Web Journal or by e-mail with files that are in simple HTML format. All Figures must be in GIF or JPEG format and must not exceed 100K. Authors are wholly responsible for correct HTML formatting and image processing. All submissions should identify all of the persons responsible for the submission and for any correspondence concerning the submission. The submission should state that the final manuscript has been seen and approved of by all the authors. Please include a complete postal addresses and phone number for all authors, along with e-mail addresses. All submissions will be reviewed; the C-Fern Web Journal reserves the right to require changes, editing, modifications, clarifications, etc. before final publication of the submission.